Video: Big Wipes Now In Stock

Jake Kilian and Adam Harrolle show off how effective Big Wipes are in this video from industrial master wholesaler AgoNow. Big Wipes are in stock and ready to ship for distributors.

3 Ways to Nurture Existing Customer Relationships

It costs up to seven times more for distributors to earn a new customer than to keep an old one. It is also true that nothing will drive the growth trajectory of your business like bringing on new customers. The effort and challenges that come with acquiring new customers is worth it, but sometimes in […]

3 Simple Ways to Cut Supply Chain Costs

For distributors eager to provide as many products to their customers as possible, understanding the supply chain is critical. The components of the supply chain can be complex, and impacting the cost drivers can be frustrating without a full understanding of those components. Because the task of optimizing the supply chain can be daunting, many […]

Attract the Next Gen with a Digital-First Mindset

At AgoNow, we support our distributor and supplier partners’ transition to digital. One of our primary goals is to help distributors and manufacturers grow their businesses profitably. Another advantage of this support, though, is the impact it can have on your human resources and recruiting efforts. Jenel Stelton-Holtmeier, editor of Modern Distribution Management, reminded us […]

What Defines a True Channel Partnership

As I further my professional career in the industrial market, from being an outside sales rep working with customers, to being a director of merchandising working with suppliers/manufacturers, to my current role as Vice President of Merchandising with AgoNow, there is one thing that is clear: Relationships do matter, and can result in productive and […]